Dr. Urs Büttiker, MD: professional career

Urs Büttiker, MD

Dr. med. Urs Büttiker is the owner of the clinic "Hautarzt Bern Bubenberg" and FMH specialist in the following fields:

FMH Dermatology and Venereology 2006

FMH Phlebology (venous disorders) USSG certificate of competence

FMH Sonography Vessels/Veins SGUM certificate of competence

FMH Laser medicine certificate of competence

FMH Practical physician and practice laboratory KHM certificate of competence

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teaching activities

Medical consultant / attending physician 

Since 01/09

Consultant and attending physician at Beau-Site Hospital, Salem and Permanence Bern and independent practice at Bubenbergplatz 8, 3011 Bern

01/09 – 09/13

Consultant / Senior Physician University Clinic for Dermatology Inselspital Bern

Senior physician

10/07 – 12/08

Senior Physician Dermatology University Clinic Inselspital Bern with Prof. Braathen and Prof. Hunziker - Interim Head, from 1.7.08 Prof. Borradori

Assistant physician

10/05 – 11/06

Vein consultation and duplex laboratory at the Angiology Polyclinic of the University Hospital of Berne under Prof. Baumgartner and responsible for phlebology at the dermatology clinic (sclerotherapy and outpatient phlebectomies, ulcer consultation)

03/03 – 09/07

Dermatological University Clinic Inselspital Bern with Prof. Braathen

09/02 – 03/03

Surgery Tiefenauspital Bern

09/01 – 09/02

Gynecology/Obstetrics Women's University Clinic Inselspital Bern

07/99 – 07/01

House Staff University Clinic for Internal Medicine Inselspital Bern (rotations emergency, gastroenterology, cardiology, general internal medicine)

School / Studies


Doctorate (Dr. med.) with dissertation 1995 with publication in Dis Colon Rectum. "Frequency of advanced neoplasia in the proximal colon without an index polyp in the rectosigmoid" under the supervision of Prof. A. Schmassmann and PD. P. Netzer


State examination: Final examination for doctors

1992 – 1998

Medical studies at the University of Bern

Work experience

I also worked as a consultant / senior physician I at the University Clinic of Bern for dermatology, especially phlebology (venous varicose veins) and laser medicine, also in connection with scientific work and studies. I also have operating days in my practice and as an attending physician and consultant at the Beau-Site Clinic, Salemspital and Permanence Bern.

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