Laser tattoo removal in Bern

There are countless reasons to get a tattoo. But there are almost as many reasons to have an unloved tattoo, a little heart or devil, the name of a former loved one, etc. removed: whether it is because it is not accepted at work, because the tattoo simply no longer appeals or for health reasons.

Dr. Urs Büttiker, MD, is a member of the Swiss Society for Medical Laser Applications, SGML, as well as the FMCH Laser Commission and has over 10 years of experience in tattoo removal in Bern. As a dermatologist, he has particularly powerful skin laser devices that only doctors are allowed to use.

Tattoo removal before and after in 4 treatments

Skin type 2, professional tattoo from 1990 from USA, blue color, 11 treatments in total, no scars, no texture change.

With the new state-of-the-art laser system, it is possible to reduce tattoos (including colored ones) to such an extent that they are no longer visibly disturbing. Several sessions are necessary. In a preliminary consultation, Dr. U. Büttiker will inform you about the treatment.

Laser technology

The Bern-Bubenberg dermatologist removes tattoos using the latest and best laser technology (picolaser). Thanks to this technology, we can work extremely precisely and safely as well as remove your tattoos as quickly and effectively as possible without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. We have many laser wavelengths and special laser heads for all colors, this optimal selection makes it possible to remove complex and multicolored tattoos.

Preliminary consultation

The preliminary consultation with our team is central, so that the tattoo treatment can be discussed with you in detail and individually to achieve the best result. It is crucial to select the laser technology with the correct laser wavelength for your tattoo

In principle, any tattoo can be removed, but the success of the treatment depends on various factors: These are, for example, age of the tattoo, color properties and ingredients, quality of the color and concentration, engraved depth of the color, skin type (Fitzpatrick), location of the tattoo, cover up, professional tattoo (tattoo - gun), health condition and age of the patient, medication, etc. Many tattoos can be completely removed. However, complete removal is not always guaranteed. If other providers guarantee complete removal in any case, this does not correspond to today's scientific guidelines; complete removal is highly probable and is also usually the case.

Treatment procedure

The duration of the individual sessions depends on the size of the tattoo and usually takes a few minutes. However, there should be a period of 6 to 8 weeks between individual treatments. On the one hand, the skin needs time to regenerate and on the other hand, the body or the lymphatic system must first remove the destroyed ink, so faster session intervals do not yet make sense. For this reason, the duration of treatment can extend over a period of approx. 12 months, in certain cases even longer. Otherwise, forcing the treatment will only increase the risk of scarring.

Our high-performance medical skin cooling device significantly reduces the sensation of pain, and the patient can also be given a prescription for an anesthetic cream to be applied beforehand. In rare cases, other methods such as local anesthesia are also available. In any case, the treatment can be offered in a painless and tolerable manner.

Follow-up treatment

The aim is to achieve complete removal without changing the texture of the skin, which is optimized by adhering to the behavioral measures and care. Mild redness and swelling is normal for a week after treatment. Occasionally, blistering, spot bleeding and crusts with scabs may also occur, which normally heal after 7 - 10 days. However, you should still contact us if this occurs, as well as in the case of infections with pus, for example. In this case, a disinfectant antibiotic cream should be used, which we recommend, as well as a non-adhesive wound dressing. The scab must never be scraped off as this increases the risk of infection and scarring. Daily showering is not harmful, but is not recommended for the first 24 hours. The treated area should only be lightly patted dry and should never be rubbed. Swimming pools and saunas are not recommended for blisters and crusts, and the application of camouflage can irritate the treated area. Solarium and intensive sunbathing should also be avoided for at least 6 weeks before and after treatment or a protective cream with a high sun protection factor, e.g. 50, should be applied on sunny days to minimize the risk of pigment shifts such as hypo or hyperpigmentation. The treated area may remain red and irritable for some time, so tight clothing with corresponding friction should be avoided if possible and the skin should be well cared for with a skin care cream.

Tattoo removal results

Tattoo removal in Bern: Tattoo before removal
Tattoo removal in Bern: Arm tattoo before removal

Tattoo before removal

Tattoo removal results: Tattoo after 4 treatments
Tattoo removal Bern: Arm tattoo after 4 treatments

Tattoo after 4 treatments

Tattoo removal results: Tattoo after 6 treatments
Tattoo removal Bern: Arm tattoo after 6 treatments

Tattoo after 6 treatments

Side effects

Side effects are significantly less common with these state-of-the-art lasers for tattoo removal and are the safest method compared to other procedures. Nevertheless, the laser does have a corresponding effect on the skin and in very rare cases, skin texture changes such as hypopigmented (whitish) areas, which can also be raised, can occur. However, we minimize the possible risks by using the best laser technology and the medical cooling system and you can also counteract this with the right aftercare. Due to the integration of tattoo removal Laser Bern into a medical practice, we have trained and qualified staff with the appropriate medical hygiene standards.

Tattoo removal costs

The costs and number of sessions depend on various factors: tattoo size, colors, how deep and dense the tattoo was engraved, etc. play an important role. An exact price can therefore only be determined after the consultation.

Predictions should therefore always be made with a certain degree of reservation; as a rule, five to ten treatments are realistic. The number depends on the type of tattoo (professional or amateur), the intensity and quality of the tattoo color. A cover-up (new tattoo on the treated area is possible).

Dr. med. Urs Büttiker Dermatologist Bern Bubenberg has many years of experience in tattoo removal. Thanks to his training as a dermatologist FMH and additional certificate of competence in laser treatment of the skin (FMCH), he has in-depth knowledge to advise and treat you professionally regarding tattoo removal with laser. The development of laser technology and the range of devices on offer is rapid and requires the appropriate knowledge for correct use so that your tattoo removal is also successful.

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