Alexandra Brotschi

Alexandra Brotschi

Mrs. Brotschi is a very experienced medical assistant.

In the field of dermatology, she competently carries out all special activities. She will look after you during the various light therapies, i.e. UVA and UVB light therapy (whole body, hands and feet), photodynamic therapy and sweat treatment (iontophoresis). She prepares the various allergy tests (prick test, epicutaneous test, etc.) and serves for all surgical procedures

She also is experienced in aesthetic as well as cosmetic dermatology and is specially trained in laser medicine (e.g. laser medicinehair removal and vascular diseases).

Through her continuing education courses and training in cosmetic dermatology, these skills were further deepened (e.g. methods such as peeling, microdermabrasion, acne treatment etc.).

Professional career

Since 2018

Medical assistant (MPA) at Hautarzt Bern Bubenberg, laser assistant, medical and cosmetic assistant


Medical assistant (MPA) at Radiology Inselspital

2014 - 2016

Medical assistant (MPA) at dermatology clinic Dres. med. Göschke and Görög

2013 - 2014

Medical assistant (MPA) at Medical Center Luterbach

2011 - 2013

Apprenticeship as medical assistant (MPA) at dermatology clinic Dres. med. Göschke and Görög

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