Laser treatments

Dr. Büttiker, MD, is a member of the Swiss Society for Medical Laser Applications and of the Laser Commission FMCH. All types of lasers are available at the practice Hautarzt Bern Bubenberg. Please do not hesitate to contact our dermatology practice for more information.

Laser types

3rd generation IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Pulsed light for the gentle treatment of pigmentation spots, couperose, fine wrinkles and pores.

The latest generation of fractional ablative and non-ablative lasers

Modern procedure for skin improvement, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment and acne scars, e.g. the latest fractional Co2 laser "Fraxel", radiofrequency fraction such as Ematrix, ND:YAG.

IPL and Nd:YAG and alexandrite

Pulsed light and laser for long-lasting hair removal on all areas of the body. Clinical experience shows a significant hair reduction of 90 - 100%.

IPL and Nd:YAG

Vascular laser, sometimes combined: Removal of minor and major vascular conditions such as nevus flammeus port-wine stains, angiomas and spider veins

Q switched ND:YAG laser and KTP 532nm (pico laser) and Ruby 694nm

Removal of dark and colored pigments e.g. tattoo. more about the pico laser

CO2 laser

Laser ablation for the treatment of deep wrinkles and wart-like skin growths

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