Light therapy in Bern

All devices for light treatments are available at the Bern Bubenberg dermatology practice. The indications and schemes of the treatments are discussed in detail by the dermatologist Dr. Urs Büttiker, MD, Dermatologist Bern Bubenberg.

  • Hand and foot light therapy (Medisun HF-216® system)
  • (P)UVA and UVB (narrow-band) light therapy (Medisun 2800 PC® cabin  
  • Comb UVB therapy (e.g. for head psoriasis)
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT) for actinic keratoses
  • (Medisun Dynalux 700®)


  • Photo-patch testing for suspected phototoxic or allergic reactions (triggered by sunlight)
  • Systemic photoprovocation for suspected drug-induced light reaction


  • UVB 311nm (narrow spectrum) for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases such as, for example psoriasis vulgaris and other eczema, parapsoriasis en plaques, pityriasis lichenoides, lichen ruber, hepatic or renal pruritus, prurigo simplex subacuta and others. etc.) as well as for the prophylaxis of polymorphic light dermatosis (so-called "light allergy")
  • Combined UVA/UVB therapy for the treatment of neurodermatitis, acne vulgaris or seborrhoeic dermatitis.
  • (Bath) -PUVA therapy for the treatment of various inflammatory skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis vulgaris, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, pityriasis rubra pilaris, actinic reticuloid, scleroderma, etc.)
  • PUVA bath therapy for various inflammatory skin diseases (PUVA therapy) and for circumscribed scleroderma.

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