Laser technology

Dr. Urs Büttiker, MD, is a member of the Swiss Society for Medical Laser Applications and of the FMCH Laser Commission. As a dermatologist,

Dr. Büttiker has skin lasers that only doctors are allowed to use and that lead to optimal results.


The use of the latest laser technology is crucial for successful tattoo removal, as the high-energy laser pulse should be delivered to the tattooed area of skin as briefly as possible with high quality and energy. At Tattoo Removal Laser Bern, we have the most modern and best lasers, namely the picolaser. The manufacturers and laser companies are required by the licensing authorities to sell our laser systems only to doctors (or specialists with a certificate of competence - usually doctors).

We have all wavelengths available, this optimal selection offers the possibility to remove complex and multi-colored tattoos. The faster this high energy laser pulse is (picoseconds), the higher the chances of complete tattoo removal. In addition, the surrounding skin cells are spared or remain intact during this process. The treatment takes place under air cooling to protect the skin and reduce pain. As soon as the pigment particles of a tattoo absorb the light of the laser, they disintegrate into tiny fragments. This process is called the photoacoustic or electromechanical effect, whereby the pigment colors are gradually removed. These particles are then broken down by your body's lymphatic system. This degradation process usually takes a few weeks.

Spot size - colors of the laser

In addition to the wavelength, pulse duration and strength, the quality of the spot size also plays a major role. With our laser system, the square spot size provides an excellent "beam profile" with high quality, so that the tattoo color can be treated evenly homogeneous with high effect more precisely.

Each color requires a laser system with a different corresponding wavelength for the treatment to be effective. Black or green, for example, has a different wavelength to red. A preliminary consultation with a trained medical professional with extensive experience in laser medicine and laser tattoo removal is essential. This allows each case to be discussed individually and in detail in order to achieve the best result in as few sessions as possible.

Modern skin laser (picolaser)

Modern skin laser

Schematic representation of how the laser works

How the skin laser works

Illustration of the wavelength / penetration depth of the laser

Skin laser penetration depth

Schematic representation of the conventional laser spot: round and overlapping

Normal laser spot

Schematic representation of our optimized beam profile, which works without overlaps

Optimized beam profile

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